How Many Ounces Should My 1 Month Old Be Drinking Vibrational Healing – How Water, Sea Salts, and Colloidal Silver Can Heal Most Anything, Part Five

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Vibrational Healing – How Water, Sea Salts, and Colloidal Silver Can Heal Most Anything, Part Five

The physical symptoms and rashes I experienced have all transformed themselves to an alkaline resonance as a result of using this product and other ways of being related to self healing. I experience rashes now simply in moments when I choose to eat foods that the physical body is free from resonating with. The neutralizer during this time I utilized daily and the soap in bathing every other day. When I used it I drank it straight free from diluting it in water, and drinking anywhere from ten to thirty-two ounces of it at one sitting. My children even use the soap, they call it the “green soap” and they are free from desiring to take a bath without it. I buy regular soap hardly ever now. Actually the rare moments I use regular soap and shampoo is in the shower when I do my shower cleaning quickly before getting in the tub. I think another soul once told me that this is something that the souls who reside in England or China do, kind of like getting clean before bathing so as to be free from dirtying the bath water so something to that effect. However, I just do this simply because I enjoy both showers and baths, and love experiencing them both at once as one of the FUN (Feeling Universal knowledge) essences of this game we call LIFE (Living Infinitely From Experience)!

I just love how the bubbles tingle while in the bathtub utilizing the soap. It is almost as if there are little faeries sprinkling their healing faerie dust upon me as I soak in the tub. It is amazing to sit, watch, and feel the bubbles as they are tingling, tickling, and popping on the skin. They pop and absorb into the skin as they pop, kind of like they are becoming one with the skin. It is kind of like the fizzing sound that you feel when hearing hydrogen peroxide bubbling, tickling you, and healing you, free from the physical sensation of pain like hydrogen peroxide can at some moments seem like on a cut though. The beautiful rainbow of colors that the soap shows within its essence as the light streams through my bathroom window is just awe-inspiring! It works wonderfully for many uses, but I discover the gel works the best when I have been out in the sun for what we call as too long and get sunburn on the physical body. I just lather up with the soap on the sunburned area, rinse, then lather up the same area again, and let dry free from rinsing, then once dry, place on a liberal layer of the gel on top (repeating the gel later if needed) and the sunburn is gone the next day. When we receive sunburn it is due to dehydration of the skin within the area of the burn. This hydrates the skin and thus, dissipating the sunburn.

I have also utilized in the detoxifying process is that of the pH alkalive cleanze. It is an ionic cleansing complex that with its utilization along with the regular water that I drink, and the soap assisted in the physical body my soul resides in being able to pass all of the gallstones, with exception of the one I share about earlier. I still have it as well for those occasional flushes if needed. It is in powder form and I discovered for me during that phase of detoxifying, that it took twice the amount recommended to completely flush out the physical body that my soul resides in. The psyllium seed that is in it does exactly what it is designed to do which is to flush the physical body out. Therefore it does have you going to the bathroom frequently both ways. I would recommend doing the flush at a moment then that you can be near a toilet for a good twenty-four hours or so. During the flushing process it is also key to drink as much water as possible because when flushing out all of the remnants the physical body will be asking you to replace the fluids that will be excreted in this process to continually be hydrated.

Just as soon as we are drinking the amount of water that the physical body is asking for and physically needs, you may discover as I have, that hunger cravings that we have subside. I have also discovered that when the hunger cravings do come, that it is usually a sign that the physical body is hungry for water and sea salts rather than food. That if after hydrating the body with water, if I discover that I am still hungry, then I will choose to eat food. Water intake when beginning this process is invited to be gradual, spreading out until urine production is at the same rate that we drink water. When we drink water to where we pass clear urine, we also pass out a lot of the salt that was held back. This is how we can flush the edema fluid in the body; by drinking water.

When we drink water, if we feel physically nauseousness, we are invited then to drink sips of water throughout this earth dimensional day. Drink an amount that is free from bringing about the sensation of nausea. When utilizing this process, it does seem like we are running to the bathroom continuously. This is due to the flushing out of the remnants that have been stored within the physical body for the earth dimensional measurement of so long. As the physical body hydrates, this will slow down. Like a dried out plant, if we pour a glass of water on it, what will happen? The water will run right out of it. But if we pour it on slowly, it will hydrate, replenishing its supply. If one is severely dehydrated and is used to the only’s of caffeine or alcohol intake, this then is the source of the nausea and having to go to the bathroom continuously, as it can be caused by an acidic condition. Bringing balance to our alkalinity resonance by taking a pinch of sea or cell salts along with the sip of water will help to neutralize the stomach acids. This remedy is also excellent for what we call here as heartburn. Continuously going to the bathroom rather than holding it will continue the process of flushing out the remnants until one is urinating less. In most cases, it takes about an earth dimensional week before we can drink the amount of water equal to half of the physical body’s weight, although each soul’s physical body varies, thus go at the pace that the physical body is telling you.

I will say that just as when I shifted into this way of being, and you may discover this as well when you choose the choice of shifting the physical body into this state of being with this ingesting of the water and sea or cell salts, as well as, with any other herbal, homeopathic, or holistic way of being that you utilize, that when placing into praxis any of these, that you may experience the sensation of physically feeling a lot worse for quite a while within earth dimensional time, in some cases a few months, before you will begin to feel what we call as physically better or within a resonance of physical well being. The reason for this is due to the herbs, the water, the sea or cell salts, and so on are all physical ways of being that are designed to flush out the remnants that bring about the illness, syndromes, disorders, and diseases physically and that it may take what we call as a long time for this flushing to occur. Figure it this way, if you are thirty-six years old, then you have about thirty-six years of built up remnants within the physical body to flush out, and this process will take as long as it takes. Certainly it may be free from taking thirty-six years however, it will take as long in earth dimensional time as it is meant to. This is free from being a process one can rush. Some souls tend to just give up simply because they begin to feel ‘so bad’ physically and either go back to conventional medicine or give up entirely, freeing themselves from doing anything at all. It is within the wisdom written here that can gift to you this knowing so that you can choose to stick with it if you so choose to, with the knowing that the physical body will shift into a state of physical well being once the detoxification process has run its due course.

For me through, although I began my learning of Herbology, Homeopathy, Colloidal Silver, and so on from the moment that my youngest song was about 1 1/2; months old, for me personally when it came to the detoxing herbs to flush out the system I began as a hit and miss scenario as they call it for the reasons I write of in within the last paragraph. As when I started flushing out the gallbladder of stones, the liver, and the rest of the physical body of the stored remnants, I experienced being so sick that I was laid up in bed for almost three months in physical pain and such. For a while, while I then would continue with taking Colloidal Silver when sick with flus, colds, infections, and such, but I was free from using the cleansing herbs to cleanse out the system. Of which, between being free from cleansing the physical body with herbs, sea or cell salts (which I spiritually remembered and earth dimensionally learned of years later), and with water, as well as, the spiritual cleansing, I became overall ‘sicker’ still until conventional medicine diagnosed the physical body my soul resides in with the Lupus and the blood disorder.

Herbal/Homeopathic/Allopathic Medicine Within System Flushing

Conventional medicine and even some of us have yet to recognize that these diseases, illnesses, disorders, and syndromes are caused from a continuous cyclical dehydration. Instead we turn to what we call as pharmaceutical, homeopathic, herbiological, and allopathic means. Homeopathic, herbiological, and allopathic means are wonderful sources here in this earth dimension as they are water based products that enhance the physical body’s healing process through electrically charged water and when utilized in conjunction with the drinking of water continuously can be very beneficial. However, pharmaceuticals place a bandaid over the root cause as they place remnants that dehydrate the physical body through synthetic non-water based chemicals, storing these non-water based chemicals within the body that along with the remnants already being stored by the physical body within the food we eat and drinks we ingest that are other than water, creates an plethora of stored remnants in the body that are just screaming to be flushed out. That screaming comes in the form of dehydration through what we call here on this earth as diseases, illnesses, disorders, and syndromes.

Items that I would recommend for a system cleanse that I have used that provide system cleansing in conjunction with water intake of ½ the amount of the physical body weight as well as with the items through wellness concepts, include the following herbs: turmeric root, gravel root, dandelion root extract, ginger root, lemon balm leaf, marshmallow root, parsley root, licorice root, psyllium husks, flax seed, fennel seed, licorice root, aloe vera, slippery elm bark, rhubarb root, alfalfa, peppermint leaf, uva ursi leaf, wormwood powder, pau d’arco powder, pumpkin seed, clove bud powder, male fern root powder, garlic bulb powder, hyssop leaf, gentian root, artichoke leaf, choline, alpha lipoic acid, borage oil, fenugreek seed powder, spirulina, elecampane plant, prickley ash bark powder, yellow dock powder, senna leaf, chamomile flower, cinnamon bark, buckthorn bark, and milk thistle seed are some. Cranberry is also wonderful for flushing out the kidneys. The concentrate within the pill form depending upon the milligrams one purchases (I have the one pill is equal to 810 mgs) is as effective as one gallon of straight cranberry juice, and is free from all the sugar.

These and other herbs for system cleansing are available from your local health food store individually or as a collective within a combination of these herbs and others. One can also go online to obtain these herbs.

Another item that I recommend is the taking of plant source digestive enzymes such as bromelain (which actually comes from one source that you may recognize as pineapple however, taking the enzyme in pill form usually has a higher concentration than eating a bunch of pineapple will and a lot less sugar too!) papain which is from papayas, amylase, protease, glucoamylase, cereCalase, lipase, cellulase, and anise seed. There are other digestive enzymes including grapefruit pectin, passion fruit, grapefruit seed extract, papaya fruit and rose hip fruit that may also be beneficial. An excellent source of digestive enzymes along with alkaline fruit and vegetable sources is that of juice plus which can be found online. I use this regularly and have discovered it to be a wonderful supplement for providing a balance of food options.

Colloidal Silver

One of the recommendations I gift to a soul whom asks me about herbal medicine which can be used for many underlying physical infections that may be present within the physical body during the cleansing process or for any other infection present at any other moment is Colloidal Silver. I came across Colloidal Silver about eight and a half earth dimension years ago, when our youngest son was about a month and a half old. At three weeks old, Anthony contracted what we know here on this earth dimension as RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus). He spent almost two weeks in the hospital and for a moment, they were unsure if he would make it physically. Once we were home, seeing the complications that resulted from the use of the antibiotics both in the hospital and at home with a continuing course, I began to research as I knew within my soul that there was another way for healing to occur with fewer complications.

What I discovered in my research was astounding to me. This allopathic wonder of this earth dimension naturally allows the physical body’s own immune system to fight off, to cleanse, and release through the intestines whatever infection is present in the physical body. Colloidal Silver does this naturally free from stripping the body away of any of the “good” bacteria. The presence of Colloidal Silver near a virus, fungus, bacterium, or any other single-celled pathogen acts as a catalyst to disable those enzymes that pathogenic (disease-bearing) bacteria, viruses, and fungi required for the metabolism of oxygen to breathe and multiply. As a result, within a few minutes these physically disease-bearing microbes either starve or suffocate without any corresponding harm towards the various parts of the physical body chemistry, including enzymes. This leads to the complete physical balancing and cleansing of any disease-producing organism in the body, which are expelled from the body by the immune, lymphatic, and elimination systems.

The technical explanation for how Colloidal Silver constitutes itself is that it is manufactured by a highly technical, electro colloidal non-chemical resonance in which particles (with 15 atoms or less) of 99.9929% fine silver are electrically charged and attached to a molecule of protein and held in suspension in a solution of de-ionized or distilled water. It is produced by passing a high voltage electric current or frequency between two pure silver electrodes that are submerged in the water, thereby producing a specialized magnetic field. The electrical current then “peels off” microscopic-sized particles from the electrode and at the same time electrically charges them. Each particle of silver will have the same electromagnetic charge, and thus will repel one another by holding themselves in suspension in the water solution.

Colloidal Silver is allopathic meaning that Colloidal Silver is all inclusive and can heal within the physical body most anything. It has been documented to have the ability to rapidly cleanse and balance over 650 different organisms within six minutes or less. With conventional medicinal antibiotics, we see the physical body being flushed out of what this earth dimensional concept of duality calls as the good and the bad cells. Thus, when we are through taking our course of conventional medicinal antibiotics, we are then left with a physical body that has been stripped clean of everything and is free from being able to stimulate the immune system in response to other bacteria that may come its way.

This makes us highly susceptible to other illnesses, diseases, etc. on the physical and then we wonder why the physical body resonates within a state of continuous illness, disease, etc, after supposedly just getting rid of an illness. This is why we see so many souls within continual physical illnesses, diseases, syndromes, and disorders on the physical because when we place bandaids in the way of conventional medicines that build up remnants that are free from being flushed out as we are free from drinking the water the physical body is asking for to flush out these remnants, and then when other symptoms occur from the effects of taking the initial conventional medicine, we go back to the doctor so that conventional medicine can give us another medicine that will place another bandaid upon those symptoms, and then those symptoms have us go back to the doctor for these new symptoms from this new conventional medicine given… and the cycle continues, until one day, we are taking fifty various conventional medicines that its origin was one pharmaceutical antibiotic which in conjunction with the little water we drink in relation to that pharmaceutical medicine and food we eat creates this physical illness cycle.

To be continued in part six.

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