My 1 Year Olds Gead Is Hot But No Fever Do All Natural Cold Sore Remedies Work?

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Do All Natural Cold Sore Remedies Work?

With the ongoing hullabaloo against all natural cold sore remedies created by the Billion Dollar Pharmaceutical Company, it’s time for the truth.

This report will give you the truth and more.

But first, who am I? What qualifies me to speak on such an important topic? My name is Dan Adams. I am a 62 year old man who has been dealing with herpes “victims” since 1998, which happened to be when I first introduced my own Clearlipz oxygenated cold sore cure.

But this report is not about me or my products. It’s about the ever-elusive herpes virus and what knowledge is really needed to intervene and possibly stop a miserable herpes outbreak.

First of all…


So I won’t waste your time going over the many FDA-approved medications, simply because none of them are cure-alls and most don’t do better than the most commonly used home remedies. The key is early detection. The sooner you recognize the symptoms that lead to an outbreak, the sooner you can stop full-blown, unsightly, crusty pet cold sores. Here’s a small list of things that many people have reported to me as early warning signs before a herpes outbreak:

* Cold or flu symptoms

* Excessive sun exposure

* Exposure to wind (especially in cold weather)

* Cold weather

* Overload

* Dehydration

* Recent exposure to cold sores from someone else

* Stinging sensation in the corner of your smile

* Oral ulcers

* Anxiety (must be listed as the number one reason)

* After a dental visit

* Injury to the lips or mouth

* Nasal drainage or runny nose due to a cold or flu

* Depression (must be listed as the number two reason)

* Medicines that suppress the immune system

* Fatigue (overwork or lack of sleep)

* Constipation

* Extreme chlorine in swimming pools

* Drug or alcohol abuse

* A combination of any or all of the above

I won’t describe most of the reasons as they are pretty much self-explanatory. However, the two reasons that stand out the most are anxiety and depression. An above-average number of my clients have stated that these two emotional areas are often associated with herpes outbreaks. It is medically accepted that both anxiety and depression often lower the body’s natural immune system. This is almost guaranteed to open the door to a possible herpes outbreak. Unfortunately, most of us are limited in what we can do to suppress anxiety or depression. But as you read through the list, you’ll see that many potential red flags can be corrected or avoided. So it makes sense that if you have a flare-up after a long period of sleep deprivation, you should get some sleep. If it is dry. Drink more water. If you break out after being intimate with someone who has herpes, just avoid close contact until they heal. The answer is to use your knowledge of what causes acne to learn what to avoid. With this knowledge of prevention, we must now accept that despite our best efforts, there are still causes of cold sore outbreaks that are beyond our control, and many that are not on the primary list above. What (if anything) can be done to slow, stop, or even eliminate an outbreak that is beyond normal preventive control?

It’s a bit complicated here. You see, the herpes virus was not born yesterday. And it is most fully intended to survive beyond the millions of years that already exist. Accepting that the Herpes Simplex cold sore virus is just another of the many life forms of the world that are constantly evolving to survive. And since man only recently began to attack this long-evolving virus with a number of killers. The highly evolved Herpes Simplex virus has now learned how to quickly adapt and become immune to everything that modern man has at his disposal. This means that the basic Herpes Simplex virus becomes as individual as each person it attacks. What I mean by this is that we all have an inherited immune system that is of mixed ancestry. Thus, our particular immune system is as unique as our fingerprint.

The fact is that when the Herpes Simplex herpes virus attacks an individual, it has to overcome that person’s specific immune system. Once it has attacked and immunized itself against the persons hereditary immune system, it becomes a new personal version of the Herpes Simplex herpes virus. What does this really mean? This means that if every person on Earth acquired the Herpes Simplex virus, there would be more than three billion variants of the cold sore virus. Of course, this is not the case. But a huge percentage of the world’s population is exposed to the cold sore virus. Most of them were actually infected before the age of three. Why? Because that cute little Angel Face is so kissable that everyone has to give him (or her) a kiss and a hug. All of this is necessary for the virus to be passed on to a new lifelong host.

And once the Herpes Simplex virus is introduced to its new host, it begins to adapt to the new individuals immune system. In this case, the cold sore virus quietly takes up residence at the base of the nerve and patiently waits for some reason to lower the natural immune system of the new host. When the host’s immune system is weakened, the already adapted herpes virus escapes from its hidden cavity and follows the nerve to the surface of the skin. Most often around the lips or nose, a very early ugly, crusty creature as cold sores. As we all know, cold sores are an extreme sight, so it is certain that cold sores (also known as cold sores) will break out on the face where everyone can see them. Okay, now we accept the fact that there is no known cure for this persistent virus. The reality is that even if there were a medical cure, it would have to be some sort of miracle. How else could it destroy the millions (perhaps billions) of Herpes Simplex viruses that have evolved in each host to which it has adapted? If the Herpes Simplex virus cannot be cured, it is still possible to control outbreaks.

The answer is a definite yes.

Besides the obvious ability to avoid breakouts by preventing various causes, there is some information that can help you prevent, control, and even stop a cold sore.

What are these little secret insiders?

Well, first of all, let’s be clear that these wonderful little herpes treatments are not necessarily the result of mega billion dollar pharmaceutical companies. The famous FDA doesn’t even apply to them. The truth is that the treatments that work for all different people around the world depend more on how they are used. Not what they’re made of.

Did that bother you? I’m sorry.

Thanks to the knowledge provided by the previous paragraphs, you already know that the Herpes Simplex virus adapts quickly to any attacking enemy. And that it has been doing this for millions of years. For the same reason, our human body has been adapting to the Herpes Simplex virus for several million years. The evolving antibodies our wonderful bodies have produced over thousands and thousands of generations are the only reason our faces aren’t constantly covered in crusty animal cold sores. This means that our immune system can control the outbreak of the cold sore virus to some extent, as long as it is appropriate. And this also means that any “new” healing aid will help the body when our immune system is not up to par. (Would that be a bogie or a birdie?)

Anyway, the secret is simply the “new” keyword.

Obviously, if the Herpes Simplex herpes producing virus is a master of adaptation.

So to combat the outbreak …. what will it take?

Either a completely different treatment than used in the past, or a formula that the virus cannot adapt to. Simply put, it’s not a question of what treatment you choose for your current outbreak. But more importantly, determine what you’ve used in the past. It’s more likely that whatever you’ve used in the past has already adapted to your personal brand of Herpes Simplex virus. Thus, the herpes virus is already immune to previous treatments and will not be affected at all if you choose the same treatments again. OK, so what are your options?

Make a list of available treatments and use a “new” different variation or combination for each herpes outbreak. Try some natural cold sore remedies formulated using nature’s powerful elements. Why choose an all-natural herpes cure? Because the Herpes Simplex virus cannot adapt or immunize itself against certain powerful elements in nature, such as oxygen. The advantage of all natural herpes remedies is that they can be used multiple times, simply because the herpes virus cannot adapt to them. Thus, you will gain the advantage of being able to use the same remedy several times over a longer period of time. Instead of buying different products multiple times to avoid repeating previous usage. However, it is better to exhaust all the cheaper (often at-home) remedies that are readily available before investing in some of the more expensive natural herpes remedies. Using different treatments or different combinations of home remedies should not be difficult. Many are more than likely readily available. For example, lemon juice, aloe, peroxide, toothpaste, vinegar, ice, egg whites, margarine (softener), vitamin E (liquid capsules), antibiotic hand wash, antibiotic creams, rubbing alcohol, and much more that you can find by simply Googling “cold for home remedies”. As I have already pointed out, “the secret does not lie in the ingredients of the drug, but in the fact that the drug used is “new” and different from previously used remedies”. The reality is that Herpes Simplex herpes virus is actually a shy virus. When faced with something “new” or something to which it cannot adapt, it simply runs away and hides at the base of a nerve. Remember, it is not trying to kill the virus, because that simply cannot be done. You simply want to give him a reason to retreat so that he can better control the scabies caused by the infectious bacteria. What he really wants is for the “new” cure to stop the building infection from the small fissure caused by the virus. An infectious visible wound is the result of the penetration and colonization of bacteria. This is not a creation of the actual development of the cold sore virus.

So using most antibiotics, be it prescription, over-the-counter creams, or simply the most common alcohol or peroxide. The expected quick healing results are twofold. First, you want to give the cold sore virus a reason to retreat. Next, you want to quickly kill the invading bacteria that actually cause a visible, fast-growing crusted cold sore. Based on everything you have learned from this report, it should be obvious what the answer to my question about the title of the report is. Yes, all natural herpes remedies work. Just like any medicine or home remedy. Just don’t overuse any of them and still expect to get the same quick healing results every time. Your personalized hybrid Herpes Simplex virus adapts as quickly as possible to any remedy you use. This makes all previous treatments as obsolete as dinosaurs. The only way to win the war against herpes is to outsmart them. So remember that you really are the new guy or girl on the block. Herpes Simplex is a huge advantage for us homo-sapiens because it has been around much longer than we have.

At this stage of the game, we are more likely to find a cure for cancer than for Herpes Simplex. But that doesn’t mean we have to bow down to this crusty creature. Its only downside is that it can sometimes create embarrassing, highly visible scars that look a lot like flashing red on our faces. (Poor Rudolph) But now he has the advantage because he knows what it takes to control and even stop a cold sore outbreak.

Knowledge is power. I have the Knowledge. I have the Force.

Good luck

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