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Create Your Dream Life Now, Not Some Day

This gift is an invitation for you to start changing this right here, right now! Do not wait any longer to start living your dream life, Yes You Can!

How many ideas do you get and not do anything with them? Whether it’s writing a book, starting a business, or improving your relationship, it’s easy to put things off and think that someday everything will magically get better. If you’re reading this you know there’s something more, there’s something in your heart, it could be something from childhood or could be something that somebody tried to talk you out of, maybe because you couldn’t make money doing it according to them. What if I told you that you have everything within you to create the life of your dreams. You just need the tools and the vision to make it happen. Here are some tools that can instantly shift your experience.

Yes, I hear you saying this is not for me I can never change… what if you can? What if it is possible to achieve your dream and even beyond this dream and even dream bigger? How does that feel? Oh yeah the fear comes up and the ‘yes but!’ comes up and what if the key is given to you to move beyond all this. What if fear is just an indicator that you are moving forward, towards your dream and you just gave this feeling of excitement and power the word fear. What if it is just the engine started to move forward and you do not put your foot on the gas pedal. Maybe you do not have a GPS system and do not know where to go to, well I invite you to push the gas pedal and accelerate. It is just like driving a car. In the beginning, you have to learn how to drive a car, maybe take lessons or have someone to teach you how, then you have to learn how a car is functioning. Then you have to sit behind the wheel, turn the key, put it in gear and push the gas pedal. You become aware of your surroundings wherever you are, looking into the mirror to watch for traffic around you and trust yourself it will be just fine, and once you drive it gives you a tremendous freedom and you do not have to think about it anymore and sometimes you arrive to your destination not even knowing afterwards how you got there.

This is the same about your dreams. First you think it is impossible, it is not for you, you do not have the tools or the money to even set this in motion and forget all about it. The funny thing is, it is not forgotten, it pops up on the most awkward moments and you say OK not now maybe later someday, or you get distracted and pay attention to something else. And the years go by and at one moment you might even regret not having pursued your dream. Why wait for this moment to come? Why not just start right here, right now?

Here are some tools I would love to offer you which help you to accelerate your dreams!


The dreams are stored in your Heart Center, it is your soul reminding you what you are here to come to do and your GPS system of your car!

Going into the heart center was always difficult for me. Being sensitive for everything and everyone around me made me build a huge protection wall around my heart and I promised myself that nobody would hurt me. By doing so the opposite will show up until you finally break down the wall and let your heart be this beautiful, loving guide showing you the way to your authentic, unique, loving being who you truly are.

Tapping into your own heart center is actually simple, just allow it to be and feel it: take a few deep breaths and touch your heart with your fingers, or hand, or both hands as a praying gesture and bring your attention to your heart. If you touch your heart your mind will automatically be drown to that place and stay there. You will also notice that the monkey mind will quiet down. The more you practice the more it become easier. Take the time to daily practice and take the time to stay longer and longer with deep breathing in and out in your heart center. You can do this at any given time of the day, you do not need to meditate or fulfil several rituals to get there, this is a natural state of being, the real true you. This is the place of being in gratitude, being in grace, feeling safe, being connected on a true level, feeling the love for yourself and for others.

This is the place where your soul is connected and were you learn that all the experiences throughout your lifetime which you have embodied somehow somewhere in your body, to disembody them and become more healthier, more vibrant, more authentic, more truthful and were you can realize your dreams!

A bonus by doing this every day will enhance your immune system too and you will become more and more comfortable with your body!


Having gratitude is a big shift changer!

I hear you when you tell me that it is not possible to be grateful for anything, seeing all the situations happening in your life, I encourage you to really start looking for everything what is working for you now and be grateful for that. If you have a not satisfying job look into why you have taken this job. Is it because you love to meet new people, to learn new skills, the get more experiences, you were curious on how you could make a difference in how it would proceed and write them down. If you have a relationship which has no panache look into why you wanted to commit to this relationship, the qualities your partner and/or friends have which attracted you to them in the first place. The dreams you had having this relationship and were it would have brought you and write them down. Look into the good qualities of your family and children and write them down. If you have a person in mind who already live your dream life write down why you are so attracted to this dream life. The more you focus on being grateful the more awareness you get on other situations where you did felt gratitude and the more you will seek for getting in touch with these feelings and emotions again and the easier your life gets. Being grateful brings you to the heart center too.

One of my sons was getting diagnosed with ‘autism’. I knew he was different, he was living in his world and had a wonderful time. He was happy most of the time, laughing, enjoying the moment, cuddling, hugging, being tremendous curious and had so much love to share and it was difficult for me to connect it all. When he had to go to school he had difficulties to adapt and became real depressed. Some wise woman gave me the advice if I wanted to help my son I had to help myself first.

I started to be grateful for my cup of coffee in the morning.

I was grateful for our house we lived in, the bed we slept in, the food on the table, the flowers in the vase… small daily things you take for granted but are present.

I was grateful for having wonderful friends and having the time to have a good conversation.

I was grateful for being healthy and strong to deal with the situations arising.

I was grateful for my children inviting me on a whole new journey.

Even when the possibilities or solutions were not visible yet I started to be grateful for the guidance I received to help myself to help my son and my other son too.

I was grateful for finding the right school for him, the right teacher, the right experiences…

I was grateful for our holidays, the good weather, the fun, the explorations, the happiness

Ancient tribes pray this way too. Being so grateful for something that have not showed up yet. When they were desperately in need for rain in a dry season, they were so grateful for the rain and imagined the rain pouring down, irrigating the land, seeing the plants and grass growing, happy animals eating and drinking, the crops being harvest and food and fresh water on the table.

Daily exercise: What are you grateful for:







I hear you, another big issue where it is almost impossible to forgive all the people who have hurt you so much, and still another good advice from another wise woman: ‘to forgive yourself is giving yourself a huge gift’.

I have been in many situations where I froze up, not being able to defend myself or help myself and ending up judging myself and really feeling bad these experiences happening to me while I just wanted to do the right thing, and found it almost impossible to forgive me, because I was not brave enough, or the other because they hurt me so bad.

Life is not happening to you it is happening for you.

I invite you to follow me on this path: we are born in a family with mum and dad, having brothers and/or sisters each having their own issues, going to school meeting the teachers teaching us what we need to learn each having their own beliefs and feelings and emotions interwoven in the lessons we need to learn. The same with, religion, the area we live in, friends, neighbors, colleagues, people we meet during parties, holidays, stores and so on. We all have certain beliefs, some of them are ours, some of them we had to accept, some of them were forced on us, some of them are tradition, some of them are religion, some of them we hardly know we have them. If we believe something and the expectations are different then the outcome we expected we act emotionally, hurt, anger, grief, unworthy, unloved, not being heard, not being understood… like a disconnection while we are a good person believing this belief. All these emotions we hide somewhere in our body and they make us sick.

To forgive yourself is loving yourself and being courageous by being vulnerable and surrender to the situation knowing you were not aware of the bigger picture of why this situation happened for you. It is about giving yourself a huge healing of all you embodied during this situation and opening yourself up for new possibilities to move forward in a more happy, joyful way. It is an act of freedom, of love, of becoming more authentic, having more trust and feeling safe.

Being in this situation myself, I signed up for a Ho’oponopono retreat in Paris, a traditional ritual on Forgiveness in Hawaï, facilitated by Dr. Len. He made us aware of being present in every situation in every moment. How everything we use daily like furniture we sit on or sleep in, the clothes we buy in a shop or online and we wear, the cleaning products we use to clean the house and wash the clothes, the food we eat being handled by so many people before it ends up on our plate, the house we live in and was built by an architect, contractors, builders, the windows, the doors, the bricks, the cement they use to build the house… , and so on are all created by people, harvested, manufactured by people using tools going through the same process and so on. The land the house is built on, the area we live in has a history of his own being lived on before by our ancestors, animals, plantations… which all left their energy on the land. I hope you get an idea of the picture I invite you to tap into. All these people, animals, plants involved in every situation have their issues, their beliefs, their emotions and feelings which are imprinted in the end product we eat, we wear, we use, we live in. Being the sensitive person you really are, you start to embody all these emotions, feelings, beliefs, as your own and feel bad about it even if it has nothing to do with you, your body is consciously aware of every situation and is giving you signs.

If you start to allow this new awareness, become aware of it all, be present with it all, surrender to it and start to forgive yourself being present in this situation you release and heal a lot of issues.

The Ho’oponopono ritual has many different, deep healing prayers and just using this little yet powerful prayer helps you a tremendously:





You can use this on everything you have in your home, write it on post-its and put them on the furniture, the mirror in your bathroom, on every door in your house, under your pillow, your mattress… be creative… even on your medication if you need to take them, your coffee machine, the refrigerator, in your car… to neutralize all the stuff from others in the objects.

Then be grateful for all the beautiful objects in your house, how they show up in the perfect way they were meant to be, how they serve you in the best way, how the food taste so lovely and you had a wonderful meal, how you look different in the mirror, how your car brings you everywhere in a safe and fast way. Start playing with this, make it fun and release the heaviness you carry on your shoulders.

A fun exercise you can do is to imagine taking this heavy backpack from your shoulders and open up all the zips and small places, then turn it upside down and shake it with a lot of determination to release everything what is inside. Ask that everything which is not yours to be returned to sender with blessings and love and all the rest sort it out and deal with it. One time I had 2 ex-boyfriends contacting me the same day inviting me for a cup of coffee. I accepted the invitation, had a separate conversation and cleared out the issues and misunderstandings we had (in those days we had no internet and social media). And yes all the old feelings and emotions came up again, your body giving signs, and afterwards you feel so happy and free to have cleared it all and ready for new adventures showing up.

It makes it easier to forgive yourself knowing the others too are unconsciously sensitive to everything they are in touch with and are not aware they can change it.

It makes it easier to forgive yourself when you allow yourself to become aware how many issues from others you carry with you on your shoulders, wanting to heal them, wanting to bring them out of their bad place, wanting to change them while they make you wrong about it and not being grateful for all the effort you made to make their life better.

Bless them for who they are and just know that once they start to awaken and become more aware, they can make a different choice which will bring them into a better place.

Also by doing this process, you not only heal yourself, you heal everyone on this planet being stuck in the same place you are and create a better and healthier world.


Thoughts are connected to feelings and emotions, and feelings and emotions are your GPS system to your dream life. Every thought you have is a creation towards another situation. If you contemplate over thoughts you create new possibilities were you can choose from. You are a constant creator with your thoughts.

Having bad thoughts brings you towards bad situations,

having good thoughts brings you towards good situations,

Having thoughts of success, abundance, love, good health, gratitude brings you towards more happy, loving situations.

I invite you to become more aware of all the thoughts you have and how you feel about it. Mostly it keeps you in a loop. You think happy thoughts, happy affirmations and still feel like crap and believe you can never achieve this so this feeling of unworthiness brings you back and sometimes even in worse situations.

Magic happens! You can change anything. It is just the belief you have about yourself which keeps you trapped.

Become more aware of the way you are thinking. Do you have happy thoughts or do you have angry, frustrated thoughts? Do you judge easily?

Start making a list of your thoughts and then flip it to the opposite site even if it does not make any sense right now:

Bad towards happy, joy, bliss…

Poor towards content, abundant, wealthy, rich…

Sick towards healthy, vibrant, powerful…

Fear towards trust, confident, worthiness…

Touch your heart with your fingers, take a few deep breaths and go into the feeling of the opposite, how does happy, wealthy, healthy feel like and stay in this feeling and let it expand. Maybe it brings back memories of situations you really experienced these feelings or you get a vision of what is possible.

The more you focus on thoughts that make you feel better the better it gets. Please stay with me if it is hard in the beginning but flipping the coin on every ‘bad’ thought towards a ‘happy’ thought makes your life so much easier.

The book which had a hug impact in my life on thoughts and words was ‘The four agreements’ by Don Miguel Ruiz:

– Be impeccable with your words

– Do not take anything personal

– Do not make assumptions

– Always do your best

Create your own dictionary

If the words do not feel right or safe for you, start inventing new words, or put them in a different language to get the loving vibration of the word. Words are just a vibration and sometimes translated in different languages gives it another vibration, a different meaning. Daily I speak 3 languages, Dutch being my mother language and speaking it with my husband at home and with family and friends on Skype, French because I live in France and English when I am online and like now writing this free gift. I noticed that translating words and sentences give a different meaning, a different vibration to what I would like to express, and in my personal journal writing down my dream life I use a mix of everything and sometimes even invent words to give me the most wonderful feeling.

For ex. one of my sons is a real devoted rugby fan and France has his own national rugby team. Watching the game on a French channel in the French language gives a totally other vibration then watching it in English or Dutch. The French sports presenter talks about ‘le ballon’ which gives me this image of these strong men playing with a balloon instead of a fighting for a ball.


‘We cannot solve our issues with the same thinking we used when where creating them’ Albert Einstein.

If you really want to go into your imagination to create your dream life for real, you have to raise your vibration to release the old beliefs, they give you a stop sign on a certain expansion. We all have our limited beliefs and they prevent us to move forward and accelerate and expand.

Raising your vibration is going into your heart center and yes for those who still struggle with all this there is a simple, scientific proved tool, which can raise your vibration which is the Fibonacci sequence.

This sequence is nature’s numbering system. They appear everywhere in nature, in two consecutive Fibonacci numbers, such as branching in trees, arrangement of leaves on a stem, the fruitlets of a pineapple, the flowering of artichoke, an uncurling fern and the arrangements of a pine cone, the family tree of honeybees and more.

It is very simple to learn and to apply:

1+1=2, 2+1=3, 3+2=5, 5+3=8, 8+5=13, 13+8=21, 21+13=34, 34+21=55, 55+34=89…

Which is 1 – 2 – 3 – 5 – 8 – 13 – 21 – 34 – 55 – 89…

The Fibonacci Sequence is named after Leonardo Fibonacci. It is a mathematical series that is a part of the Universal Creation Energy.

Go into this feeling of limited belief and feel on which number it is stuck, move higher to raise the vibration and ask for different possibilities to show up and create a new reality.

It is like a Nautilus-like-shell. The shell represents like a spiral staircase to more awareness and each step represents a sequence and when you move up to the next step you raise your vibration and get a better overview on the issue.

Make sure if you raise your vibration you are very grounded. Put your feet firmly on the floor and if possible become aware of the strong connection with Mother Earth, walk barefoot as much as possible.


Dreams are the seeds of a reality!

Growing up I used to daydream a lot. Every book I read, movie I saw I made myself the main character and lived this happy, adventures life. Once I became an adult it all faded away. Looking for a job, working, getting married, raising kids, family issues, all these responsibilities with no time for daydreaming, being present in the ‘real world’. When I had the time to read a book or watch a movie the feeling came back but not the time to really tap into it because there were so many other things to do, sounds familiar?

If you know that every thought you have creates a reality, and feelings and emotions are your GPS why not choose loving, happy and joyful thoughts. When you watch a movie, read a book, hear a story from someone and you have this feeling mmm that’s sounds wonderful, I would love to do that too or visit that or experience the same experience, your dreams come alive and when you give it no attention anymore afterwards they become dormant but do not disappear.

Become curious

If you are not consciously aware of your dream life start being curious. Start asking all these questions on why this grabs your attention and why you feel attracted to a story or a person. Open up your senses and become aware on how your body reacts on certain impulses and give them the attention they deserve. Even if you do not know anything about the subject start to get more information around it and stay open to more awareness, signs, body language, anything what gives you a happy feeling and act upon it, just do it!

Be Sherlock Holmes, the famous investigator you already are!

Create ‘My curiosity journal!’

Make your own bucket list

Another great exercise you can do is start a bucket list, like the movie The Bucket list. If your life is ending what do you regret not having done, or what would you really love to do before you go? First it can be very general and the more focused and detailed you go into the dream the more it will expand and accelerate, the more it becomes clearer and aligned with the soul guiding you. Even if you are in a relationship now, you cannot create your dream life including these persons. You can create a dream life with a partner who encourage you do become your best self and even more, having a loving relationship yet respecting and honoring each other’s interest and way of life and if your current partner is not the best person do not limit yourself and be curious who this person might be. Maybe this invites your partner to come along with you and if not honor and respect his choice and your choice.

My Bucket List:






Be open for every sign on your way to your dream life. Sometimes you are drawn to a certain place to have an experience which brings you forward on your path but makes no sense at the present moment. Do not focus on the outcome, do not make any expectations and set no limitations. Let the journey unfold as it happens and be open for it, be aware and welcome every experience with grace and gratitude.

Start writing out your dream life, go into your imagination and let it unfold. It might first feel you are writing a story and while you are in your creative mode invite all your senses too, the smell of a perfume which elevates you, your favorite music, your favorite food, maybe you would love to try something new… do not limit yourself, let it unfold and expand.

If you feel limitations, it is totally fine, you can continue the next day or reframe certain words, go into your heart center, ground yourself, raise your vibrations and go beyond all limitations. Even if the story is strange and do not make any sense now, let it unfold, ask questions to get more clarity on a topic.

Be the observer

Your feelings and emotions are your GPS and they can give a lot of distractions too. See them like a pendulum going from left to right and the more it gets aligned with the emotions the less it will move until it hangs still in the middle, at this point you are in a neutral state, like having the car stopped at a crossroad and ready to become clear on which direction to take to more happiness, joy, abundance, love, eternal love and your dream life. At this point you become the observer of your own reality, like watching your own movie. You can change anything at any given moment in your life so why wait to start your dream life now?

You cannot fail, failure is a stepping stone towards success. We are more afraid of success than of failure. We like to be in control, we all have the expectations how it should look like, how it must show up, we judge ourselves by not being able to do this, to get this. If you fear ‘failure’ or ‘success’ reframe your dream, go into the feelings where you feel less than WHOW and reframe it. Do not look for an outcome or an expectation let it unfold and make adjustments where you do not feel into alignment with your feelings.

If you feel a ‘yes but’ coming up, stop and start a little dance until you get a smile on your face and move forward.

If you get overwhelmed at some point, blow up a balloon, let it go and try to catch it, this will bring you back into the present moment.

If you can visualize it, if you can feel it, if you can write it down You can be it!


You can clear your energy by going into your hear center and have happy thoughts. Your heart is a beautiful organ who pumps the blood through your arteries and veins infused with oxygen. Feeling lovely thoughts will infuse your blood and will flow through your body too deep into your cells.

You can use the ho’oponopono prayer on every ‘bad thought’ you have and it will clear stuff out.

You can clean your area where you live in by using essential oils, smudging sage, listening to music which makes your heart sings, putting fresh flowers in the room, be creative with art, dancing… anything which is helpful for you.


It is easier done than said!

You noticed when using the Fibonacci sequence it going into a spiral, a vortex. Our life, as we know it, is more a horizontal line: past – present – future. Being on time for an appointment, going to school or working from 9 to 5, week and weekends… and we live horizontal too like act and react, cause and effect, black and white, good and bad… When we look up into the sky we see the sun, stars, planets and in some areas even the milky way and while the earth moves around its axis it seems that everything is spiraling around the earth.

When doing the exercises and feeling sometimes frustrated that it does not show up yet or not as expected, surrender and let go. We are so connected with everything up there in the universe situations may occur very quickly or in ‘divine’ timing.

Stay in the present moment and make from every moment a happy moment. Take responsibility for your own life, shift your thoughts, feel the happiness and joy in your heart, journal, become aware and make choices towards your dream life.

Celebrate every AHAmoment and every change you notice. We must love ourselves, honor and respect ourselves and celebrating every WIN situation inspires us to so much more.

Weekly exercise: Success journal:






You always were and you always are this amazing beautiful courageous person. You always made the best choices in every moment of your life in your best interest.

This gift is an invitation so you choose to create Your dream life and to start living it NOW!

Love and Blessings

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