Privacy Policy

LFIU Law Firm, under the management of business owners Charlotte R. Best, located at 950 Hilltop Haven Drive, Secaucus, NJ, proudly apply strict security policies to ensure safety and protect the information Important news of customers and partners.

LFIU’s privacy policy to ensure the collection, use, storage and sharing of personal information are done safely and comply with current law provisions. The company is committed to protecting the privacy and security of all customers, employees and any individual related to the company’s operations.

To ensure security, LFIU has established appropriate technical and physical measures to protect important information. Measures include strict use of network systems, data encryption, access control, ensuring the security of the server and information storage devices.

LFIU Law Firm only collects and uses the necessary personal information to meet the legal requirements and provide the best service to customers. Personal information is only revealed to third parties if there is a clear consent of the customer or at the request of the law.

LFIU’s employees are trained in privacy and information security. They only have access to the information needed to perform the work and must comply with the security regulations in the process of processing personal information.

LFIU Law Firm is responsible for maintaining information security continuously and periodically evaluating, reviewing and improving privacy policies. If any violation is detected for personal information, the company is committed to providing remedial measures and notifying individuals may be affected.

Customers and partners can contact LFIU via phone number 973-860-2390 or via email at [email protected]. Detailed information about the company and the services provided can be found on the company’s official website at

LFIU is committed to maintaining transparency and compliance with security regulations to ensure trust and safety for all personal information that the company processes.